Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MOOC - exciting stuff! Blackboard Collaborate??

MOOC Introduction
Just attended the Blackboard Collaborate MOOC introductory session. And it is going to be MASSIVE! Great to see the fantastic attendance. Congrats to organisers.

Blackboard Collaborate
I was a bit thrown by the new format of Blackboard Collaborate.
I missed the layout facility and found it confusing not to be able to instantly see who was speaking. Also I like to see the chat full length so that I can catch up with it after concentrating on the whiteboard.
Also found it confusing to find the microphone, smiley faces, etc but I am sure that it is just that they have moved.
I was pleased that I didn't drop out but noted that some people did. It is very frustrating to drop out and I was pleased to see those that did persevered and jumped back in again.
Pleased to find that the Web Tour loaded much quicker.

MOOC works! - learning already
I have just been on the epcop Learn Space and read a blog about how to make your blogs interesting - this is looking like a lump of text - oh, well, maybe next time it will be more interesting.
Decided to try to add a photo and some subheadings - maybe that will add some interest!

This is a photo from the recent holidays taken on the only fine day - spent the rest of the time huddled inside next to the heater and out of the rain. It shows that the MOOC is working already as I have never added a photo to my blog before!