Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learning Styles

Your link didn't work for me, Michael so I used the VARK questionaire

Mild Kinesthetic
It showed that I have a mild Kinesthetic learning preference.
• Visual: 2
• Aural: 6
• Read/Write: 7
• Kinesthetic: 10
I totally agree with this - I do have practical bent but when I study I go through reams of paper as I have to summerise and rewrite constantly. I used to envy my husband who recorded his notes, then just sat in a comfy chair and listened while I was desperately writing and rewriting!
I am also a list writer! Trouble is I feel so good when I write a list that I may not actually get anything done.
Reading the VARK definitions I found that it fit me perfectly and also fit my employment history - originally I was a Medical Technologist (hospital labs) and now I teach computer - I guess that I am not a square peg in a round hole.

Students and VARK
I used the VARK questionaire on my recent VCAL students and apart from the student who ticked everything without reading it, they all proved to be visual learners. I then adjusted my learning resources to suit and they did much better!

Cup Day Weekend
Took off and spent the Cup Day weekend at St Leonards. Lovely to get away. Weather wasn't brilliant but managed to get some walks in without getting blown away or drenched.
The photo is of pelicans I encountered on the beach.
Also managed to get some of my Cert IV TAE work done. I am trying to customise purchased resources so we can get it on our scope and finding it tough going.