Monday, April 9, 2012


I have discovered Quizlet!
Don't know why I didn't try it before. I picked up one of my e-learning exercise books and in the front page I had written
Now what was this? I had no recollection so I had a bit of time and decided to investigate.

Quizlet is the best thing! It is an online program that creates Flash cards, Learning and Scatter game from a list of words and their meanings - just perfect for my Medical Terminology classes!

As you can see this is perfect for my students as a learning tool, and to test their knowledge.
Click Choose a study mode to change from Flash cards/Learn/Scatter game

Now I am in the process of creating these for all of the body systems to use in an online Medical Terminology course that I am developing. It adds to the flash movies (iSpringFree), CrossWords (Hot Potatoes) and Fill in the blank Quiz's that I have created.

Painless Learning
The idea is that my learners will be so busy playing these games that they won't realise that they are learning!

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