Monday, October 17, 2011

23 Things

Just attended the first session for 23 Things.
Sounds like it will be a great adventure if I make the time to take advantage of it.

Should do
I know that I should be doing this in WordPress but I already have this blog and was not really using it so I am here.

I intend to take the time to add stuff to make this blog interesting but not today.

I have been in Elluminate sessions since 3.30pm - nearly 4 hours and I am hungry, stiff and my eyes have just about given up.

I do like the idea of 23 Things but I am not sure that I will be able to convince my e-leaders as most of mine are admin staff and are time poor.

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  1. Hello Christine, finally i get around to visiting your blog.

    Nice clear design you have ;-)

    I don't know if you "should" be using wordpress.. blogger is fine in my books. I've used both, and each has aspects that are good & bad.

    I know that feeling, when you want to make your blog more interesting, but haven't made the time recently. Don't think i've posted in mine for many months. It's been at the bottom of my list for a while.

    ..and also i agree with you about finding it challenging to convince your e-leaders. One thing we're going to attempt this year is to invite our leaders to post in the group blog, rather than set up their own. Also to give them acouple of different options, ie (a) post in the blog & (b) use the phone to post to iPadio.

    Thanks for getting involved.

    speak soon,
    kind regards, michael