Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Google Docs

11 August 2011
Pam and I presented Google Docs to Community Connect as part of the ePcop MOOC.

A new person to work with
It was nice to work with Pam as I have not worked directly with her before. We didn't manage to get together before hand as we seemed to miss each other. But I think it worked well.

Session content
Pam covered Google Docs general stuff and I covered Google forms and showed my Google e-Portfolio.

I created a Google form and intended to share the application and ask participants to contribute by adding questions to the form. I thought this would be a good way to involve the participants and to get a range of different question types. But! When I tried the link to get into it I seemed to be the only one able to edit the form. It took me to a sign in page with my email address as the username. I wondered if this was because I had asked my computer to remember me. But! when I tried it on my husband's computer I got the same result. So, I scrapped that idea and created a form with the same question in various question types and just demonstrated it in application share. I felt very isolated when I used application share in Blackboard Collaborate, it was the first time I had used it in the new format and it takes up most of your screen so I had to rely on Pam to watch the text chat for questions. She, of course, did that very well for me. Next time I will see if I can resize the application share.

How did it go?
I felt that our presentation went well. Pam was very well prepared and great to work with.

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