Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thoughts on Blogs

I missed some of the MOOC session tonight but what I did see was inspiring. Manjit spoke about using blogs with refugee learners. She has overcome all kinds of obstacles to do this.
I had intended to use reflective blogs with my VCAL learners but was daunted when I observed some of the levels of literacy. Junita has had great success with blogs with VCAL learners. I just need to work out how to do it. I guess that I would just have to schedule time into the lesson plans - that would do it.

I will be teaching Cert IV TAE next year so I will definately be requiring those learners to create reflective blogs.
Two clear advantages to this:
1. learners have the opportunity to reflect on their learning
2. I will know how they are going, what their thinking is, etc. It will also give me feedback on my teaching.

My experience
I have just completed my Dip TAA and as part of the course I was required to keep a reflective blog. I found that it gave me the opportunity to reflect on my learning/problems I encountered/successes/time constraints, etc. Some of my blogs I submitted as evidence of competency. I did feel comfortable with the fact that I could keep my blog private - just between my assessor and myself especially at first. In fact I had to limit the number of blogs I was writing as I did not have the time to spare. But I do see the advantage in having a class blog where learners can share and learn from each other.

I was required to use Blogger. I found it very user friendly and love the fact that it is free and portable. I don't like the idea of not being able to access my blog after my course is completed.
Give it a go you may find you like it and blogging becomes a way of life!

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