Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Google Sites

17 August 2011
Coach Carole and I presented Google Sites to e-T@lking. I showcased my Diploma e-portfolio and used print screens to show how to create a Google site for an e-Portfolio. Carole showed two of her Google Sites. One for Her e-learning journey and one for her geneology. She demonstrated adding a new page and discussed the planning needed before creating a Google site.

There are always problems. Carole intended to create a Google site in 5 minutes but Google was not co-operating as we could not get into it. Not too much of a problem as we had just about used our time and we answered questions.

How did it go?
I felt that it went well. I tangled up my words a bit but Carole of course was very smooth. It was interesting to see Caroles sites as they were very different to mine. Also interesting to hear the experiences of others.
We are all on the same e-learning journey!

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